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Tue 1/1/2002Headed out on the Miyata to do the Spin Cycle New Years Day metric,
but I trashed my rear derailleur riding through some leaves - Damn!
had to ride home on a broken bike.
Rode the Fuji into town - Gilbert's closed - rode around town.
Wed 1/2/200212mi round trip commute (Fuji)
Stopped by Gilbert's on the way home,
snow beginning to accumulate - passed one car stuck
Thu 1/3/2002Ten inches of snow!
Rode the MTB around Trailwood a little.
Rode to the convenience stores for milk, up Avent Ferry, down Western, into downtown and then home
Fri 1/4/200212mi round trip commute - on the MTB in 10 inches of snow!
Stopped by Gilbert's on the way home,
Sat 1/5/20026mi on the MTB - City Market, home via Fairgrounds
22mi on the Fuji (with panniers) Wellspring, home, Seaboard Wines, Fresh Market, home
My first experience changing a flat in the snow!
Sun 1/6/2002Rode down to Farmer's Market, Gilbert's, home1011266813
Mon 1/7/200212mi round trip commute (Fuji)1212476466
Tue 1/8/200212mi round trip commute (Fuji)1213686205
Wed 1/9/200212mi round trip commute (Fuji)1214896002
Thu 1/10/200218mi round trip commute (Fuji)
Downtown, Taza's
Fri 1/11/200212mi round trip commute (Miyata)12178115906
Sat 1/12/20024mi to Gilbert's
100mi Wake Forest - Virginia Lotto Century
Sun 1/13/200219mi round trip commute (Miyata) work on Sunday!
(Home via Cameron Village)
Mon 1/14/200218mi round trip commute (Miyata)18319148317
Tue 1/15/200218mi round trip commute (Miyata)18337158200
Wed 1/16/200218mi round trip commute (Miyata)18355168098
Thu 1/17/200218mi round trip commute (Miyata)18373178009
Fri 1/18/200218mi round trip commute (Miyata)18391187929
Sat 1/19/200218mi ride downtown, Seaboard, Wellspring, home via Dix(Fuji)
low 30Fs, still have some little snow piles here and there - lotsa rain to wash the salt away!
Sun 1/20/2002Over to Dave's house (Durham, to drop off bungee and pickup jersey) and back
Picked up 2 Samosa's and groceries
Mon 1/21/200218mi round trip commute18484218412
Tue 1/22/200218mi round trip commute
Jillian's for office party
Wed 1/23/200218mi round trip commute
Sierra Club Meeting
Thu 1/24/200218mi round trip commute (Fuji)18540248213
Fri 1/25/200218mi round trip commute (Fuji)20560258176
Sat 1/26/2002Gilbert's ride through Nightdale, Selma, Smithfield and back 87647269083
Sun 1/27/2002Road down Tryon (saw the Mission Valley guys), up to Crossroads, then Cary Wellspring, back to Crossroads, Farmer's Market, home, back to Crossroads (Radio Shack), home.
Then did the yard work.
Mon 1/28/200218mi round trip commute (Miyata)18704289177
Tue 1/29/200222mi round trip commute (Miyata)
(Meandered a bit - a few extra miles)
Wed 1/30/200218mi round trip commute (Miyata)18744309052
Thu 1/31/200218mi round trip commute (Miyata)18762318972

Fri 2/01/200212mi round trip commute (Miyata)
Took the short way to get home early (go out to eat at Woodlands)
Sat 2/02/2002Gilbert's 80 mile ride - Knightville, lunch at Middlesex, Archers Lodge, Clayton, home
Mike Dayton and I did an extra 20 to make it a century, ate supper at Wellspring, rode home.
Sun 2/03/200229mi Rode up to Durham (Fowler's)
Met up with Glenn Jordan for Brunch
27mi Borrowed Aaron Jordan's old Fixed Gear and did a loop around their place
Mon 2/04/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)18954359949
Tue 2/05/2002Padmini's surgery - no work.
Went for a short ride down to Gilbert's and back in the evening (FixedGear)
Wed 2/06/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)18980379668
Thu 2/07/200212mi round trip commute (FixedGear)12992389528
Fri 2/08/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)181010399453
Sat 2/09/200222mi to Greenwood Commons (RTP)
44mi Chuck and Charles Birthday ride
22mi ride home
12mi ride around town
Sun 2/10/2002My ride up to Durham and back (in the rain)
Rode down to Farmer's Market for apples
Mon 2/11/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)1811944210376
Tue 2/12/200218mi round trip commute (Miyata)1812124310288
Wed 2/13/200221mi round trip commute (Miyata)2112334410228
Thu 2/14/2002round trip commute (FixedGear)
stopped by All-Star
Fri 2/15/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)1812724610093
Sat 2/16/20028mi warm-up on the fixed gear (Church St)
125 (200km) test rode the Morrisville-Snow Camp-Siler City Brevet route on the Fixed Gear
Sun 2/17/2002Recovery ride (Miyata)
Rode to Cameron Villiage for a load of groceries and a Starbucks.
Stopped at Farmer's Market to fill one pannier with Fuji apples.
Extremely windy (blustery).
Mon 2/18/2002Rode to work, Clayton, Raleigh, up Lassiter Mill, down Wake Forest, back to Work, home via downtown (Miyata) 10015184911308
Tue 2/19/200222mi round trip commute (Miyata)2215405011242
Wed 2/20/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)1815585111150
Thu 2/21/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)
Stop by WellSpring and Quail Ridge Books to hear talk by Transportation guy
Fri 2/22/200212mi round trip (short) commute (FixedGear)
Rich is coming over - left work late - take shortcut
Sat 2/23/2002Century with Gilbert, Rich, Dan Gatti, Mike Ross, Mike Dayton, Dan and Dave
Smithfield, Micro. Overcast and cool all day.
Sun 2/24/2002Rode up by the office, down by the grocery store, and Quail Ridge Books.
Loaded up the panniers with groceries and a couple books and
then rode home through Boylan Heights.
Mon 2/25/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear)
Stopped by Wellspring and QuailRidgeBooks
Tue 2/26/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)1817555711238
Wed 2/27/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)
Sierra Club meeeting
Thu 2/28/200220mi round trip commute (FixedGear)2017955911105

Fri 3/01/200220mi round trip commute (FixedGear)2018156011041
Sat 3/02/2002(Miyata) Big Ed's for breakfast,
Cameron Villiage for groceries and back home
Sun 3/03/2002(Miyata) Rode down to Food Lion (and back) for Milk
Rode over to the SGI Community Center, Harris Teeter for a load of groceries, changed a flat (rear, picked up a STAPLE), Cup A Joe, and then home via Boylan (warm, but light rain)
Mon 3/04/2002Commute to work (FixedGear),
(39F before the sun set)
Rode over to Cary for the NCBC Meeting - England
Rode back to downtown Raleigh with Gilbert
Rode home via Boylan
Tue 3/05/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)1818976410819
Wed 3/06/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)1819156510753
Thu 3/07/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)
Rode by REI after work
Fri 3/08/200218mi round trip commute (FixedGear)1819566710656
Sat 3/09/2002Blue Jay Point, Wake Forest, Rolesville, North Raleigh and back through Wake Forest to BJP
w/Mike Ross and company...
Out to Hibernia with Mike, Gilbert and Sue and then ride home afterwards
Sun 3/10/2002Rode over to Cary and met with Henry Garret
Henry and I rode up to Durham, stopped by a house to pick up some jersies I'd bought
then over to Fowler's for lunch
and home via the American Tobacco Trail.
I stopped off at Cameron Villiage for groceries on the way home.
Mon 3/11/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear),
Rode down to Bond Park then
back to downtown Cary for the Northwest Planning Meeting.
Rode home via Glennwood Ave
Tue 3/12/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear),
Down Hillsborugh, stopped at Gilbert's for new handlebar tape and mirror
Wed 3/13/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear),
Rode up to RTP for a Capital Area Municipal Planning Organization meeting.
Thu 3/14/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear)1822157311075
Fri 3/15/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear),
Down Hillsborugh, forgot to stop at Gilbert's...
Sat 3/16/2002Clayton Ride (Miyata) nine riders
Rode around town afterwards. Picked up lunch and groceries at Wellspring.
Very WARM (70s)! First ride of the year in SANDALS!
Sun 3/17/2002(No ride)
First no ride day of the year.
Mon 3/18/2002Rode over to Cary for POLCOM meeting,
then home via Hillsborugh/Boylan
picked up groceries on the way.
Tue 3/19/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear)1823447810969
Wed 3/20/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear)1823627910913
Thu 3/21/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear)1823808010859
Fri 3/22/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear)1823988110806
Sat 3/23/2002Mike Ross' exploratory ride.
With Mike Dayton.
Garner, Benson, Dunn, Angier, Lillington, Garner, Downtown Raleigh
Had a pint at UFO, then supper at Hard Times
with Gilbert, Sue, Chesley and Becky.
Rode home through Boylan.
Sun 3/24/20021325198311078
Mon 3/25/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear)1825378411024
Tue 3/26/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear)
Raleigh Neighborhood College (Municipal Bldg)
Wed 3/27/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear)
Cary Bike Plan meeting at Page-Walker
Thu 3/28/2002Round trip commute (FixedGear)1826048710925
Fri 3/29/2002Downtown for breakfast, then the office, then home. (Fixed Gear)
Miyata: Rode to the grocery and back
Miyata: Midnight run to the video store
Sat 3/30/2002Office, Kinko's, Flying Saucer, home.
Sun 3/31/2002Third place for breakfast, Cameron Villiage for groceries, home, office and back

My bike pages.
Log for 2001.

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